“Rachel is amazing! She's always there in my corner cheering me on and making sure I stick to my goals. Best trainer ever!”

- T.A.

“Rachel is a great Instructor, very dedicated to the body. An Inspiration to Women”

- A.M

Rachel is freaking awesome and definitely knows her stuff! It is a privilege to be able to attend her classes now because she is headed for GREAT things! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle!”


This fitness group is awesome. I def will be going when I can. I love that Rachel teaches things you can do at home if you can't make it to class.”



Rachel is the type of trainer that helps each person no matter how skilled you are reach fitness goals as well as improve confidence. She's friendly, committed to fitness and a great trainer to work with. Look no further for help reaching fitness goals and having a blast while doing so.”


Rachel makes coming to class so much fun!! She's very inspiring and I recommend her for anyone who wants/needs a personal trainer, or a weekly class to attend for personal fitness goals!”


“Rachel is so nice ! She works with you to make sure your doing the exercises the right way and you will feel the difference from her works out


Rachel holds you accountable, and she is very professional. Reaching your goals is definitely a priority to her! She will constantly switch up your workouts and challenge you so you are seeing maximum results! Rachel is the best trainer - knowledgeable, encouraging, friendly, and extremely supportive!


An amazing class for people at any fitness level! Rachel is a great trainer, and motivates you to live a fit and healthy lifestyle!”


“She gives us a Great vibe with heavy intense workouts.”


I only feel lousy when I DON'T do it... I always love the ladies I work out with and Rachel is super fun and supportive; she really caters to all skill levels and abilities. It's crazy that the half hour class motivates me so hard to be healthier for the rest of my week, but it does! ♡”



"buns and guns fitness to me is a lifestyle. It’s about gaining confidence, strength, knowledge and a new way of life. You empower people to look at fitness in a way that makes it fun and you help them see their true strength/beauty inside and out. Buns and guns fitness is about personalized plans that work and results that change lives "


“All ladies must try!! Get u sweat on and feel great!!”



"buns n guns is everything! if i'm not on track physically, i'm lost mentally. it's the perfect mix of having a professional trainer and a friend. i can't imagine going back to a lifestyle that doesn't involve working out, and that's something i never thought i'd be able to say 💪🏽💜


"Well I would say the encouragement and stability you give to your clients is amazing. You make working out fun, no matter how much I'm dreading it and I feel and can see more results because of it. I workout harder with buns n guns than I do by myself, so I personally need that in my life to keep structure and accountability."

- GS